Flower Power Shower – Why Essential Oils Revolutionise Showering

19 May 2017 / by Alexandra Nodes

Starting your day with mindfulness and relaxation might not be the first thing you think about when you're rushing to get ready and out of the house in the morning, but your morning shower can be a key part of how you brace yourself to face the day.

An extra few minutes under the warm water washing away sleep and invigorating your body can do wonders for how you feel all day. I often spend a couple of minutes in the shower mentally going through the things I need to do each day, and meditating on what my goals are. Essential oils can inspire me, and evoke rigour, or calmness depending on what I need. The power of essential oils on your mood, as well as your skin, can't be overstated.

Our natural Balancing Face Oil is engineered to maximise the synergistic impact of the essential oils it contains, and the flower oils have particular impact. Massaging a few drops of our oil onto your face and neck after a shower leaves you glowing, hydrated and ready for anything, but you can start that process while showering too.


Here's why you need to invest in some of the essential flower oils we use and add them to your shower routine to turn it from a necessary daily routine into a home spa ritual experience.


Damascus Rose Oil

Rose Oil is, as I have mentioned before, amazing. It's composed of so many contributing elements - Citronellol, Citral, Carvone, Citronellyl Acetate, Eugenol, Ethanol, Farnesol, Stearoptene, Methyl Eugenol, Nerol, Nonanol, Nonanal, Phenyl Acetaldehyde, Phenylmethyl Acetate and many more - and it's psychological benefits are manyfold.

As well as being a natural antiviral and aphrodisiac, rose oil is a proven antidepressant. Used in aromatherapy to lift spirits and boost self-esteem, rose oil is routinely used in the treatment of anxiety and depression.


Geranium Oil

We use Geranium Oil because it has amazing healing qualities for scarred or sun damaged skin, but this alpha pinene, myrcene and limonene packed essential oil is also used holistically to treat mental and physical fatigue and promote emotional wellness.

As well as leaving skin radiant and beautiful and relieving oily or damaged skin, Geranium Oil improves circulation, reduces stress and naturally balances hormones.


Patchouli Oil

While not strictly speaking a flower, this bushy, minty herb has epic effects on skin and mental health. It's less glamourous effects are acting as a natural insecticide and deodorant, but it also reduces inflammation and irritations, soothes skin and acts as a natural antiseptic, making it ideal for travel.

In aromatherapy, patchouli oil is used to fight feelings of anger and disappointment, and is a natural antidepressant. The scent has been shown to reduce stress and react to hormonal imbalances, and fight fatigue while helping to relax and clear the mind.


Lavender Oil

Lavender's gorgeous flowers and unmistakable scent make it one of the best-known plants and one of my all time favourite scents. Tests have found that lavender oil causes a significant decrease in mental stress and an increase in cognitive function (students inhaling lavender oil before an exam were found to perform markedly better) and reduces stress on the nervous system, so helps you to calm down (and even sleep better) and start the day level and balanced.


We select our oils based on their impact on skin, but essential oils offer so much more. We are busy working on the formula for a show-stopping body wash, incorporating the essential oils we know and trust, and love, but in the meantime, experiment with essential oils yourself and find a balance that helps you start the day the way you want to. And if you don't have time, at least give yourself the gift of a natural Balancing Face Oil like ours, and reap the benefits of looking fantastic and feeling great.

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Alexandra Nodes

Written by Alexandra Nodes

Alexandra is the founder of Alex Carro, and creates and develops all of our products based on her extensive experience with natural botanical plant and herb extracts and essential oils. Her background is in arts management, and she currently splits her time between Barcelona and her studio in the Montseny mountains.