Extra Rich Face Cream That Literally Makes You Richer

17 December 2017 / by Alexandra Nodes


Mixable skincare gives you the chance to get more , by to make additional new ones. Here’s a mixable skincare hack that makes you feel richer. Extra rich in fact. It’s a natural extra rich face cream combining the best of moisturisers with the finest oils.


Get rich quick.

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Ah the humble face cream. What a small and often under-appreciated marvel it is. We all have our favourites, and apply it almost without thinking after years of rigorous devotion. A good natural face cream like ours will work simultaneously on hydrating and firming skin, toning and conditioning, and provide antioxidants to skin cells.

But try something new: add a couple of drops of natural Balancing Face Oil to your cream and mix them before applying. You’ll feel like a million dollars.



When only the best is good enough.

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This Extra Rich Face Cream mixability combo is a great way to introduce an oil into your skincare routine, and an amazing way to fight seasonal or environmental changes (like the onset of winter).

As winter sets in, cold air, wind and central heating can give skin a pretty raw deal, and it can get very dried out. Adding a couple of drops of oil to your cream in the morning will give your skin some extra support. You’ll immediately notice the difference; as you smooth it onto skin, it has a slightly more viscose texture, making it feel lighter and. In winter, this silky smooth texture feels fantastic and makes applying the mix a pleasure in itself.

But it’s the lasting effects that make this a great addition to your capsule collection. The oil and cream work together to give profound hydration when skin needs it most, and maximise the restorative effects on skin cells, actively protecting you from winter.


Time for an oil change?

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If you still haven’t incorporated a face oil into your skincare routine, you really should. Oils have changed, and now represent the gold standard of facial skincare. Our Balancing Face Oil is so packed full of natural botanical herb and plant extracts and essential oils it’s what skin . But for some, transitioning to a face oil is better done gently.

A slow approach is to gradually start mixing a little oil into a face cream to ease your way into it. our skin will quickly adapt, and the added bonus will have instant brightening and regenerating results.


Flower Power.

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Our Face Cream is a carefully balanced blend of natural botanicals, with Crcus Bulb extract, Rose oil, frankincense and acid amongst the active ingredients that tone, firm, hydrate and antioxidise skin. 

Adding our Balancing Face Oil brings in Evening Primrose Oil, Argan and Rice Bran oils to balance skin, regenerating skin cells and giving skin an instant boost in hydration and appearance.


This is how we do it.



Add a few drops of Balancing Face Oil to your Face Cream and mix in the palm of your hand until it has a silky, light, viscose texture.

Massage the blend into your face and neck and leave it to sink in, instantly leaving skin softer and brighter.

Use when skin feels dry, or in more extreme temperatures and weather conditions.


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Alexandra Nodes

Written by Alexandra Nodes

Alexandra is the founder of Alex Carro, and creates and develops all of our products based on her extensive experience with natural botanical plant and herb extracts and essential oils. Her background is in arts management, and she currently splits her time between Barcelona and her studio in the Montseny mountains.