In-flight Skincare: Keeping Your Skin Holiday Ready, Even On The Long-haul

16 July 2018 / by Alexandra Nodes

The days when air travel was full of the promise of glamour may have gone out of the proverbial window, but it´s still exciting to feel the world below you fade away and get excited on a long-haul flight.

What´s less exciting is the dryness and irritation that can result from long or frequent flights. That´s why it´s worth thinking about how to care for your skin in an environment where dry, recycled air can leave it sensitive and damaged.


It´s not unusual to suffer from irritation and even outbreaks after flying. And obviously skin looses a lot of moisture in the air, so hydration is key. There are a few simple tricks though that you can keep in mind to make the whole experience – and your skin – smoother.


Hit the bottle!


Being in an environment with very dry, low-humidity air seriously dehydrates your body. Most planes have air with 10-15% humidity. That’s lower than the Sahara. On an average 10 hour flight, you lose between 1.5 and 2 litres of water from your body. That´s about 8-10%


This will affect your mood, energy levels, cognition and cognitive thinking. It makes you irritable and tired, and it also has a major impact on your skin. When skin gets dry it loses its natural suppleness and is more prone to irritation.

water bottle

It´s pretty tempting on a long-haul flight to order a Bloody Mary or a glass of wine - especially if it’s pleasure, rather than business. But the smart move is to try and drink double the amount of (non-alcoholic liquids) you’d drink on the ground. If you can stay hydrated, you´ll arrive feeling and looking better.


Be smart with your carry on


Along with a good book and some earplugs, slide a few basic toiletries into your carry on bag. You don’t need to turn your seat in to a mini day spa, but don’t be embarrassed to break out a soothing facemask or nourishing, hydrating face oil.


Masks are a great way to keep your skin hydrated and healthy on a plane, and there are a variety of travel size peel-off masks and eye masks on the market. You might feel a little bit self-conscious about using a mask in such a public environment, but it´s very soothing and calming for skin.


I never fly without my Balancing Face Oil, massaging it into my face and neck every few hours. This serves a double purpose; it hydrates my skin, feeding it vitamin packed essential oils and botanicals that sooth, balance and nourish, while also giving me an uninvasive aromatherapeutic treatment that relaxes my mind.

face oil in hand 

And speaking of aromatherapy, I always carry some lavender or geranium oil with me as well. Put a few drops on a handkerchief and breath in the calming scent to help you relax and even drift off to sleep.


I can also mix some oil with our Face Cream, to make an intensely rich hydrating moisturizer to make sure my skin arrives with more moisture than it left with!


The mile-high scrub


It´s always best to avoid using make up on planes. Go natural, let your skin breathe and it will suffer less. The extra advantage of this is popping to the bathroom mid-flight for a quickie with a really gentle, facial cleanser.


While your skin is being dehydrated by the altitude, it´s also picking up all the grime and dirt from the recycled air, which always leaves me feeling sticky and horrible after a flight. If you really want to look after your skin, using an all-natural botanical cleanser to get rid of the dirt is the way to go.


A really good cleanser will not only leave your skin conditioned and healthily clean, but will actively help to balance sebum and retain moisture, rather than drying it out.


Balmy weather


The other thing that you´ll get seriously hooked on is having a really great creamy natural lip balm to hand on a long-haul adventure. With dry, tired looking lips you want to reach for a balm that’s packed with natural butters like shea and cocoa and botanicals like chamomile that really lock in moisture and soften naturally.


Our natural Multiuse Balm is more than just lippy. It’s a soothing, lush balsam for any areas of skin prone to dryness or irritation.


Everything your skin needs while you are travelling


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Alexandra Nodes

Written by Alexandra Nodes

Alexandra is the founder of Alex Carro, and creates and develops all of our products based on her extensive experience with natural botanical plant and herb extracts and essential oils. Her background is in arts management, and she currently splits her time between Barcelona and her studio in the Montseny mountains.