What is Mixable Skin care (And How Can It Work For You)?

11 October 2017 / by Alexandra Nodes


The future of everyday skincare is bright, and at its heart is mixable skincare. Isn’t it time you started to mix it up a little? There are a few basic ideas to mixable skincare:


  • Streamlining your everyday routine and making it work best for you.
  • Adopting a sustainable, waste free approach to the products you buy and carry with you.
  • Having more autonomy over why and how you use the products you have.


Here are the need to knows:

What is mixable skincare?



For many health, skincare or wellness enthusiasts, mixable skincare will be a very familiar term. Mixability is a deceptively simple concept. If (like me) you have a home lab packed full of carefully sourced essential oils, natural herb and plant extracts, you probably already mix your own skincare products according to your needs.


But not everybody does. I have spent years working on natural skincare, and using botanicals to create potions and concoctions that work for me. Mixable skincare is how this translates into products for people who want simple solutions to everyday skincare, and who want to have control over how they use their products to get the most out of them to meet their own personal needs.


Simple solutions to everyday skincare


Many of us have a bathroom cabinet full of products, and use them in varying combinations depending on our mood or our changing skin, or a cabinet of half finished products collecting dust that were bought to serve a specific purpose. Mixable skincare takes this idea one step further. Or maybe I should say one step back? It basically involves needing less products, but having more options.


Always ask for more





Let's look at a concrete example. A key weapon in any skincare arsenal is a really good natural exfoliating powder. Used simply with water, it gives you an intense exfoliation that’s quick and effective. Mixability comes in when you start asking your exfoliating powder for more.


  1. Take a little of your exfoliating powder, and add it to a good, emulsifying cleanser to make a gentler cleanse and exfoliation treatment for irritated skin, or to polish and cleanse quickly and softly.
  2. Another day, you might mix a little exfoliating powder with your face oil, to create a really deeply hydrating exfoliator that leaves your skin cleared of dead skin cells, while simultaneously adding moisture and radiance, for an instant kick of freshness.
  3. You could even add a pinch of exfoliating powder to a creamy lip balm, massaging it into your lips and wiping it off to hydrate your lips while clearing away dead skin cells, leaving lips smoother and plumper.


Accompany this with images if sets if possible


Less is more


You can take this model, and apply it to everything. Our range of products is designed with this at its core. Having less stuff in your bathroom (or gym bag, or suitcase…) but being able to make it work harder for you, is at the heart of mixable skincare. Got a great moisturiser? Mix it with some oil for a really rich skin nourishing treat. Feel like a deep cleansing, hydrating face mask? Treat yourself by mixing a good cleanser with a face oil and hey presto! It saves time, and it means using less new and different products on your skin.


Instead of having a load of different products, this is a less is more approach. It’s about having a capsule collection of really great products which are designed for all skin types, and combining them creatively yourself - you don’t need any equipment, everything is mixable in the palm of your hand - as you need it.






Smart, natural solutions to skincare


Contemporary consumers want more than false promises and pretty packaging, and are looking for simpler, smarter natural solutions to skincare. That’s why products are being created and designed with mixabilty and transparency in mind; when you know what is in each product, and how to maximise the synergistic effects of the natural ingredients, you have access to a world of knowledge previously reserved for experts.


You can streamline your everyday routine (shaving off a few minutes a day), and also have the tools to respond to sporadic needs without buying extra products that claim to be formulated for a specific purpose. You can also blend products for occasional use (like the face mask I described above), while not cluttering up your bathroom.


Knowledge is power





Mixable skincare represents something which we have long accepted in health, lifestyle, fashion and food. We no longer exist in ignorance of where our food comes from, or think of exercise as something set apart from mindfulness and general wellness. Our consumer choices are based on knowledge and choice, rather than necessity or blind faith. Established brand names are playing catch up to local, ethical or simply logical options, and skincare is a natural part of that.


At Alex Carro, we put the work in, sourcing natural botanicals, blending them and developing core products so you can have the ingredients you need to apply mixable skincare to your life. Our products are created using ingredients which are carefully sourced; all natural plant and herb extracts and essential oils which deliver results and work synergistically to bring out the best of each other. But creating great mixable skincare goes beyond crafting great products. We take pride in sharing knowledge and helping our customers know how and why each product works the way that it does, and how it can work with others. By focusing on ingredients and informing customers about their effects and properties, we believe that we can empower you to apply mixable skincare to your routine in a way which is individual and personalised and ultimately best for you.


It’s a quiet revolution in skincare. Explore it yourself now.


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Alexandra Nodes

Written by Alexandra Nodes

Alexandra is the founder of Alex Carro, and creates and develops all of our products based on her extensive experience with natural botanical plant and herb extracts and essential oils. Her background is in arts management, and she currently splits her time between Barcelona and her studio in the Montseny mountains.