Winter To Spring Transition Skincare Made Easy With Mixability

01 May 2018 / by Alexandra Nodes

Spring has, quite literally, sprung. After what has seemed like an interminable winter, someone switched the lights on and suddenly the sun’s out.

As you reach for your shorts and t-shirts though, you might notice those weird dry patches on your elbows and knees. And quick changes in temperature might be playing havoc with your face too.

Varying temperatures and humidity mean changing conditions in all skin types. Whether you have dry, oily, normal or combination skin, you’ll need to calibrate your skincare to balance out the environmental factors.

Mixable skincare products mean you don’t have to change up what’s in your bathroom cabinet. You just need to gradually change your mixing habits to suit the new season. Here are a few simple rules for keeping your skin perfect as the temperature creeps up.


Lighten up.

If you’re anything like me, in winter your skin craves moisture and rich face creams feel great, giving you concentrated, lasting hydration. In colder weather I often use a mix of our Face Oil and Face Cream, blended in the palm of my hand, to give me a really deeply hydrating hit at the end of the day because it’s restorative for weather damaged skin and it feels amazing.

As the weather gets warmer I reduce the proportion of face oil gradually, as I find my skin doesn’t need such intense hydration (but keep the oil handy for later!). I love the silky feel of a really lightweight, quickly absorbed cream. Look for creams made with essential oils like Rice Bran Oil and Frankincense for intense hydration done lightly. Our face Cream contains Crocus Bulb extract and Kim Chi too, and sinks in super quickly but gives you all day care.


Get your exfoliator multitasking game on.

Exfoliation is essential all year round, and in winter I love using our gentle natural cleanser with some exfoliating powder for a gentle exfoliation to sooth and smooth my skin after a day exposed to the elements. In Spring, I use the powder on it’s own (with water) for a really clean, simple exfoliation, removing dead skin cells and stimulating cell regeneration.

A good natural botanical exfoliation will leave your skin noticeably smoother, more ready to absorb moisturizer and SPFs, and ultimately healthier.

You can also boost your exfoliation for a summer glow by mixing it with a little face oil to give your skin a summer glow without make up, nourishing skin damaged by winter weather and transitioning into a lighter, summery radiance. This is also a great way to hydrate without cream, so you can do this extra rich hydrating exfoliator in the morning and be ready for the day and leave your face cream for the evening.


Balmy weather is perfect for a good balm.

We all love a good smoothing, buttery balm in winter as it’s comforting and healing after exposure to wind and cold. A really good balm with botanical ingredients like chamomile, calendula and shea and cocoa butters transitions perfectly into Spring, as those ingredients also soothe sun damaged skin just as well.

Reach for the exfoliating powder again and you can also give yourself a spring lip smoothing treatment by adding a pinch of powder to your balm for a refreshing, hydrating lip treatment. After all, who doesn’t feel more like kissing in the spring time?


Water, water everywhere.

One of the fundamentals of skincare is also one of the easiest and most basic. Drink a lot of water. I know it sounds obvious, but with the warmer weather you really need to hydrate more, and as your skin is an organ, it’s no exception. Make sure you look for products that contain natural botanicals that hydrate your skin and lock in moisture.

This is easy with a richly nourishing face cream, but even a high quality exfoliator or face oil should contain ingredients that don’t dry out skin, but actively maintain skin’s natural moisture balance and keep it from becoming dry or irritated.

Check out our range of all-natural botanical products for a simple solution to transitioning into spring without changing up your products and buying unnecessary new ones.

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Alexandra Nodes

Written by Alexandra Nodes

Alexandra is the founder of Alex Carro, and creates and develops all of our products based on her extensive experience with natural botanical plant and herb extracts and essential oils. Her background is in arts management, and she currently splits her time between Barcelona and her studio in the Montseny mountains.